Nwojiji Chukwuka Destiny
Nwojiji Chukwuka Destiny

Public education is a school system provided by the government to ensure that all its citizens have access to a standard education. But I say, it is the educational bridge between the common men and the elite class in the society. And education remains the greatest pathway to greatness and for a lasting legacy in any nation.

Therefore, the importance of public education in Ebonyi State cannot be underestimated because it is a window through which common men can explore their potentials in today’s fast changing world. It will help Ebonyians to discover, develop and deploy their gifts in different fields of human endeavour for their own well being and for the development of the state. Ebonyi masses will have a bright future and will never remain in darkness because according to Allan Bloom,” Education is the movement from darkness to light.”  Hence, illiteracy, ignorance, sickness, underdevelopment among others will be totally wiped out in the state and these are what every nation of the world are fighting hard to eliminate in their respective states.

For everyone in Ebonyi state to become a productive member of the state who can contribute or proffer solutions to some of the challenges facing the state, public education must be embraced because every destiny has the potential of changing the world.

No peace, unity and progress in any nation where the citizens don’t have equal rights and opportunities, it brings enmity and insecurity in the state. So, public education will enable the masses to realize that they are not the second class citizens because it offers them an equal opportunity with their elite counterpart in enjoying the benefits of education thereby giving them a sense of belonging in the state. It will also enable them to gain respect and self worth like the elite class in the state.

It will help to eliminate crime totally or reduce its rate in the state because it will enable individuals of all class to understand and appreciate the value of life, gain financial literacy and freedom, have meaningful employment within or outside the state that will enable them to live a comfortable life. Without this opportunity, the lives and properties of the elite class in the state will be in danger. Stealing, robbering, killings, kidnapping, human trafficking, vandalization of properties and other forms of social vices will be very common in the state because we are not unaware that poverty is one of the major causes of crimes in the society.

The great Nelson Mandela says,” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” to build Ebonyi state into “Japan of African”, it must be a collective effort of every Ebonyians and it is only through this system of education that the ordinary people can partake in achieving this milestone.

Importantly, public education will ensure that every child in the state knows how to read and write which is the primary purpose of education. It will also enable the masses to achieve self reliance through personal development via self discovery. With it, every Ebonyian can protect and defend his rights, communicate effectively and form a good relationship within and outside the state and can still survive in any part of the world in business or otherwise.

There’s no gainsaying that the quality of a nation depends on the quality of its people and with this education in the state, its quality in all fronts will compete with international standard. Its agricultural, economic, educational and the health sector as well as the standard of living among others will geometrically improved which is what the state government is committed to achieving in the state.

Looking into Agriculture which is our mainstay, public education will enlighten and encourage the masses to go into agriculture and enlighten them the importance of mechanised farming and how best to preserve our soils to sustain a lasting productivity. When this is achieved, Ebonyi state will feed the world.

Nwojiji Chukwuka Destiny comes from Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi state. He attended primary education at Ibephu-enu Community Primary School, Ezza-Inyimagu, and finally obtained Senior School Certificate Examination at Comprehensive Secondary School, Ndinwamgba, both in Izzi Local Government Area. Nwojiji is a writer and author. Specializing in story writing, content creation and article/blog writing. He  help individuals to master the art of story writing with hope to continue his studies soon. 


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