Happy kids

Things are getting harder on the world, we know.
You don’t deserve how unfair life has been to you, we know.

Sometimes, things get too hard that you begin to question why you were created.
Sometimes, you get fed up with and just want the hurt to go away.
Sometimes, all you need is just one break. Just one break. Sometimes, all you want is just one person who would genuinely love you and tell you that everything is going to be alright.

As much as we acknowledge that this hurt and pain is real, we also want you to acknowledge that you are not alone.
We do not want to tell you that there are probably people going through a lot worse. We do not want to tell you that maybe you are even lucky to have the very little you have.

No, we cannot tell you that, because your situation, your pain and your feelings are unique and undeserved too. No pain can be quantified.
But we want you to always remember that at every point you get to, somehow, the day breaks somehow, another day comes around. Somehow, there is always hope.
Cry, yell, feel all the pain, but never you sit down and decide that life is not worth living. Do not feel so dejected that you get to the point of giving up. Do not get so depressed that you start thinking of taking your own life.

See, these things are phases and if you hold on just a little bit longer, have just a little more hope, believe in your abilities to survive and heal, you’ll pull through and get better. Life will surely smile on you again. These things happen. It is just a phase. A bad phase. You will survive it and better things will come. Do not ever let failure be your crown, because taking your own life means you have failed.

Worldwide, two days ago,  is always marked as World Day on Suicide Prevention. The 10th of September was earmarked by the World Health Organisation and the International Association for Suicide Prevention and a day when nations should come together and deliberate on better ways to help reduce the presence of suicide by coming up with better support systems for people who are in situations that might trigger suicide.

So, in commemoration with this, we urge you to be very sensitive to people around you. Reach out whenever you notice that they are sad. Be intuitive enough to notice when their mood changes from the normal. Reach out and probe gently. Make them speak out to you, instead of bottling it all up.

Depression is real. Suicide is real. Statistically, suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds. According to the World Health Organisation, Nigeria ranks as the 13th country in Africa with a suicide death rate of 9.5.

Money will come. If some people who had lost all hope before made it, why won’t you? Better jobs will come. A better and more worthy relationship will come. Difficulties will pass. Your health status is not the end of your life. You can still live. Whatever it is, think of the people who love you.

Love yourself enough to give you another chance to survive and do life. We will all “do” life together and come out better and stronger❤


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