Show yourself some love
Show yourself some love

“You carry so much love in your heart, give some to yourself” – R.z

We are often caught with the hustles and tussles of life that we forget we exist, we forget ourselves in the quest to make our dreams come through. The truth is, if in the bid to meet up with certain objectives and achieve a set goal, you forget to care for you, to love yourself the way you always wanted to be loved, then achieving that aim will take longer time than it is supposed to take.

When you treat yourself with some love, you are going to come alive and fulfilled, ready to take up any task. When things become too clogged up you are going to break down, just take a break. Nobody knows you more than you know yourself, nobody knows exactly what you want and how you want it, nobody can love you the way you deserve to be loved except you. Why not give yourself the chance to love yourself the exact way you deserve.

You do not love yourself when people around you cannot feel love flowing from you, when people are not at their best around you. It simply means you don’t love others, you don’t show love to people. You don’t give listening ear to those that seek to be heard, you don’t share your food with the hungry, you are even stingy with life’s gift – a smile.

#1. Let Love Flow From You

Learn to make people have a sense of belonging around you. Lend a helping hand when and where necessary.

You do not love yourself when you expect much from yourself.

It’s okay to dream big, set goals and work tooth and nail to achieve them, but let it not take you far beyond what you can do. It’s  okay to exceed your limit and step outside your comfort zone, but don’t move away to the point you lose your balance.

#2. Do Not Expect So Much From Yourself

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Take it one step at a time. Do not over stress yourself or overburden yourself.

You do not love yourself if you blame yourself for everything.

Things don’t always end up the way we think or plan. You may have a positive thought about something or something beautiful for a friend, a colleague or a boss and they may not appreciate it. You may be trying your best to make a relationship work to no avail. You are hardworking and does everything expected of you in your place of work but your boss yells at you over little mistakes.

#3. Do Not Blame Yourself For Everything

No matter what you do, you cannot always please everybody. Do your very best in any case. If things doesn’t work out, let them be. Time heals all remember… Things will change for better with time, just be patient.

You do not love yourself if you do not accept yourself.

Often times, I see people want to copy others. You feel the other person’s style is better and worth dropping yours for. You want to be like the other person, who then will be like you?

#4. Accept Yourself

You are unique in your way, your style makes you unique and your uniqueness is what makes you to be you. If you change and become the other person, you create another version of that person, and there will be no more you, you will lose you. If you love you, you wouldn’t want to lose you. But then, you can never be like the other person, it will never work for you the way it works for him, and you will be frustrated to find out it’s not working.

You don’t love yourself if you don’t give yourself some break.

You work all day – Monday to Saturday, barely even have time for yourself on Sundays, no rest, no holidays, no leave. And the little time you ever find, you spend planning on a new project. This is okay, very much okay but you need some break.

#5. Give Yourself Some Break

You need to take some break at some point. Plan a vacation, take some time away from work and work related. You can as well take some minutes everyday just for yourself, to sit silently, not sleeping and not thinking about anything. This gives you fresh energy to continue. “A break away from work give you new energy, it renews your zeal for whatever work you are doing”.

Remember: When the waters are too churned up, it helps to leave them until they clear.

You do not love yourself if you do not give yourself some treat.

In addition to taking a break, you need give yourself a treat in the break, take care of yourself, go shopping, do exercise, relax your muscles.

#6. Give yourself some treat

Don’t wait for people to bring you flowers, plant your own garden. You don’t have to wait for people to come around to make you happy, you owe yourself that, happiness is your right. Take some time take yourself out, and give yourself the kind of treat you deserve.

Always say positive things to yourself, believe in yourself, believe you can make it, believe you are a blessing. if things become tough, for they will, trust in yourself.

The Epictetus said and I quote, “God has entrusted you with yourself”. Each beautiful morning when you wake up, savour each moment that the day brings, do what feels right and make your heart sing.



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