From creation, man has been faced with the challenge of peaceful coexistence with each other. The war stemming from man’s inability to accept the other person’s point of view usually due to several causes which one of them is difference in opinion a result of different personality predisposition.

“Why would he think that the best approach is this or that when it’s pretty obvious that this or that is best?”

One may ask.

This is because in our minds we are so preoccupied with ‘self’ that we fail to understand or accommodate someone else whose upbringing or orientation is different from ours.

A man married a young lady who came from an abusive home -a home where it would be easy for the father to hit the mother or go in to one argument or the other. The father happens to boss over the family affairs too authoritatively that no one else has a say in the family.

The young couple later on in marriage is in chaos as the woman reads every move of the man as abusive or attempt to assault her. The man on the other hand, a loving young man, who was taught from childhood to respect his woman and make sure to protect and provide for his family. Yet, the wife seems defensive and somewhat hard to please all due to childhood memories.

Then, they think a divorce is the best resort. Whereas, they never took time to sit down and sort out their differences, appreciate and encourage each other as way of accepting the other person’s personality requirements.

Ain’t we indeed too self centered and egotistical with our actions? Maybe is not my business but hey!

We can create a bridge to this gap in our relationships – whatever kind…

If we begin to look at the matter from the other person’s point of view. If we begin to accept and appreciate the fact that, just as I would love a moment to myself? My friend just can’t let me be but wants us to move from Roban to shoprite to Spar having fun while I want to enjoy my mental fun.

But, I can let him have his way, while I do my thing another day than to throw tantrums and rebuff him like he is too Playful for my liking.

Why not we begin to give to the other person, all the love, all the care, all the attention, compassion and concerns that we crave for ourselves without being deceptive about it.

The Bridge To Relationship Gap? Simply, Is a mindset that it mustn’t always be about you – Selflessness.

Nnamdi Ibe.


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